Affordable Granite Countertops directly imports its stone from quarries around the world, saving its customers hundreds of dollars in material costs. In addition, AGC cuts, fabricates, and installs all the jobs ourselves which simply means you don’t pay for sub-contractors.

GRANITE, the building block of the continents, is a true gift of nature. Granite makes the ultimate countertops, far surpassing man-made products in beauty and durability. Your investment in slab granite countertops will immediately and permanently enhance the value of your home. The popularity of granite is due to its hardness (almost as hard as diamond), resistance to wear, capability to take a mirror polish, fascinating colors and textural patterns, and its extreme resistance to heat and stains. In short, nothing surpasses granite for its long lasting beauty and durability. Your selection in granite will bring luxury and the most attractive surface to your home.

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