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why granite
GRANITE, the building block of the continents, is a true gift of nature. Granite makes the ultimate countertops, far surpassing man-made products in beauty and durability. The popularity of granite is due to its hardness (almost as hard as diamond), resistance to wear, capability to take a mirror polish, fascinating colors and textural patterns, and its extreme resistance to heat and stains. In short, nothing surpasses granite for its long lasting beauty and durability. Your selection in granite will bring luxury and the most attractive surface to your home.


why choose us
    from quaries around the world,
    saving our customers hundreds
    of dollars in material costs.
  • PARTNER with local wholesalers to bring in the colors that we don't have with the cost that is below the wholesale price which other fabricators could not get for you.
  • TURN AROUND TIME of just 3 days reduces the inconvenience of not having fully functional kitchen.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY of your new countertops is guaranteed of our machinery and skilled craftsmen.
  • CUSTOMIZATION is very important to us and it should be for you as well. We go a step further to make you are completely happy with your
  • PRICE can be a deciding factor
    for many. As a direct-to-public
    wholesaler, we can offer the
    most competitive rates in town.

purchase your new countertops
SEVERAL variables affect the cost of your granite countertops. Some of these factors depend on your choices in stone color and textural pattern, edge profile, sink and back splash style as well as the size and shape of your kitchen and/or bathroom. Our sales representative will assist you through each step so you can make an informed decision regarding the project(s) of your home.

MAKING A STONE SELECTION is very personal and important process. Granite, like all natural stones, varies in color tones and patterns from slab to slab, and ranges broadly in price depending on whichever part of the world it is quarried from how much that quarry produces.

OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVES make it possible for you to select and view individual slabs which will be fabricated into your personal countertops. You will have no surprises in the color and pattern choices for your new countertops.

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